We are experts in mechanical filtration

The Evolution Aqua Group is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of water filtration products and associated equipment.

From our headquarters in the UK, we have been dedicated to pioneering filtration solutions for over 20 years ensuring strict quality control through every step of the process. We are the owner of numerous patents and have won multiple awards over the years for our manufacturing excellence in the field of aquatic filtration.

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We are supplying our customers across different markets with the latest biological and mechanical filtration technology proven to be highly effective and sustainable.



Design, manufacture and supply of filtration solutions to the Koi & Ornamental retail market.


High-performance, sustainable filtration solutions reducing water and energy usage for commercial and industrial customers.

UK Manufacturing

20 Years of experience in advanced mechanical and biological filtration

All Evolution Aqua Group products are manufactured to exacting standards under strict quality control procedures.

Our Technology

Exceptional filtration and outstanding biological solutions

Innovative filtration products designed to effectively capture fine particles whilst minimising use of energy and water.

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Empower Your Brand with Our Cutting-Edge Technology

We can offer a bespoke design service developing innovative and exclusive products to meet customers’ requirements.