Our Technology

Exceptional filtration and outstanding biological solutions

The Evolution Aqua Group is a technology leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of water filtration products and associated equipment.

From our headquarters in the UK, we have been dedicated to pioneering filtration solutions for over 20 years. We are the owner of numerous patents and have won multiple awards over the years for our manufacturing excellence in the field of aquatic filtration.

Expert at capturing particles

High-performance, sustainable water filtration solutions developed over 20 years to deliver fine particle removal, exceptional retention capacity with lower energy costs and less water wastage.

Our filters with Air Clean Technology use open cell media and air to clean the filter providing a low-energy and cost-effective solution.

Our water filtration systems are being used for various applications in the ornamental, industrial and commercial sectors.

Larger retention capacity

Less water usage

Less energy usage

Unique biological solutions

PURE is our award-winning range of bacterial products for ponds, freshwater and marine aquariums. It is the original and best of its kind, first manufactured by Evolution Aqua over 15 years ago.

PURE contains incredibly high concentrations of friendly bacteria and enzymes. These are contained within a unique delivery system that when added to your pond or aquarium will help to clean up organic waste and break down ammonia and nitrite. The result is crystal clear and healthy water.

What makes us unique?

Our filters with ACT (Air Clean Technology) offer an exciting and ground-breaking solution for fine particle filtration. The ability to operate at retention capacity over 100 times that of competing systems whilst functioning with no hydraulic head loss is completely unique.

With cleaning being carried out using air not backwash water, our filter technology is able to save water too.

The flexibility of our filters will ensure that even under very high solids loading rates, filtration can occur which reduces the stress on other operational systems, reduces downtime and increases margin.