Empower your brand with our cutting-edge technology

A trusted manufacturing partner is vital to provide not only a high-performing product but a dependable service with a friendly and experienced support team. We uphold the brand reputation of our OEM customers and foster long-term relationships built on trust and collaboration.

What to expect when partnering with Evolution Aqua

We have OEM, co-brand and branded solutions we sell all over the world across different channels. We offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service developing innovative and exclusive products to meet customers’ requirements with our 10 years experience in producing OEM products for multiple markets and sectors we guarantee satisfaction. 


We are committed to meeting stringent quality standards, adhering to deadlines, and offering responsive support throughout the production process.


Thanks to our innovative approach, we can anticipate customer needs, and adapt to changing market dynamics and forge stronger relationships with our customers.

Cost Effective

We work with you to design and manufacture cost-effective solutions. We create value through efficiency, reliability, innovation, and long-term collaboration.

In-House Design Team

We have an In-House design team to help you with our OEM and offer rapid turnaround for solutions and sales presentations.

We Proudly Supply

We are a technology leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of water filtration solutions in all areas of aquatics and more: ponds and aquariums, commercial fish systems, public aquaria, swimming pools, aquaculture and wastewater applications.