We’re at Interzoo 2024

We’re at Interzoo 2024

This May, Evolution Aqua are attending the internationally acclaimed event Interzoo, hosted in Nuremberg, Germany.

What is Interzoo?

Interzoo is the world’s largest marketing platform for the international pet industry, bringing together manufacturers, wholesalers and service providers from over 60 countries to showcase the latest innovative pet products and supplies. Learn more on Interzoo’s webpage

Where can you find us?

Wanting to come say hello and see what we have to offer? You’ll be able to find us in hall 4A at booth 228.

What are we exhibiting?

Air Clean Technology

We will be showcasing our cutting-edge, Air Clean Technology (ACT). Our Evolution Aqua filters with Air Clean Technology use open cell media and air to clean the filter providing a low-energy and cost-effective solution.

  • Sponges, brushes and other similar filter media break down over time and are costly to replace. Our open cell media improves over time and never needs replacing offering a significant saving over the lifetime of the filter.
  • When it comes to maintenance, screens, sponges and brushes frequently clog up requiring messy and time-consuming cleaning. With ACT cleaning your filter is quick, easy and creates no mess, so you get to keep your hands clean and dry
  • And because our filters with ACT don’t have any moving parts they are more reliable and virtually maintenance-free.

Come down and see the newest member of our filtration family Surge our new all-in-one filter with built-in UVC.

Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier

Our new titanium-enhanced UV clarifier, evoUV Ti will be on display too.
Evolution Aqua evoUV Ti, Titanium Enhanced UV Clarifier is up to 1.5 times more effective than a standard UV Unit. The evoUV Ti is made using the latest photocatalytic technology and is lined with a thick and polished titanium tube, to clear green pond water fast.

PURE – The Original And The Best

PURE is Evolution Aqua’s Award Winning range of bacterial products for ponds, freshwater and marine aquariums. It is the original and best of its kind, first manufactured by Evolution Aqua over 15 years ago. PURE contains incredibly high concentrations of friendly bacteria and enzymes. These are contained within a unique delivery system that when added to your pond or aquarium will help to clean up organic waste and break down ammonia and nitrite. The result is crystal clear and healthy water.

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