Will you be at Aquaculture UK this May?

Will you be at Aquaculture UK this May?

Taking place on the 14- 15 May in Aviemore, Scotland our Flocell team part of the Evolution Aqua group will be there exhibiting the latest and very best in our cost-effective and efficient filtration technologies!

What is Aquiculture UK?
Aquaculture UK is the UK’s largest meeting place for aquaculture professionals. Meet the companies driving infrastructure, farming technology and equipment forward.
You’ll discover real-time solutions that boost production and profitability. And take away key insights on sustainability, welfare and environmental challenges.
Find out more: https://aquacultureuk.com/

How can I find you?
Looking to come and say hi? You’ll find us at stand A6!

What can I see at your stand?
Flocell will be showcasing its range of sustainable filtration products incorporating the ACT (Air Clean Technology).

Flocell XFM Filters offers an exciting and ground-breaking solution for fine particle filtration. The ability to operate at retention capacity over 100 times that of competing systems whilst functioning with no hydraulic head loss is completely unique.

Flocell filters with Air Clean Technology use air to clean rather than using a traditional backwash cycle which wastes large volumes of water, therefore the water and energy savings are significant and operation is virtually maintenance-free.

What is Flocell XFM and who is it for?
Fine particle removal and management has been an ongoing problem for RAS operators and one that requires careful consideration. Fish produce waste and biological filtration by way of Moving Bed Bio-Reactors (MBBRs) produces particles as bacterial communities used in nitrification are replaced by new organisms.

Fixed Bed Bio Reactors are used by some but some of these run into significant design issues surrounding cleaning, aeration and associated sludge removal which leads to anoxic conditions within the bed, poor nitrification and critical danger of H2S.

The multitude of pumps managing inline systems results in a continuing degradation of larger particles to smaller ones which become increasingly complex to manage and reduce.

Flocell XFM filters and media have been designed to provide a cost-effective solution for the fine particle problem and can manage particles within the RAS loop or feed-water sump.

XFM Filters use a high-performance proprietary media element that has been designed to capture fine particles and retain them within the structure until cleaning. This means that whilst suffering no head loss, a huge solids load can be easily accommodated with no loss of performance.

A single 1200mm Flocell XFM unit can retain over 100kgs of solids and still filter at optimal efficiency, this means they can be operated for extended periods with no requirement for cleaning.

What’s unique about Flocell filters?
XFM Filters are currently the only solution that provides effective filtration with no hydraulic head loss.

They have in excess of 100 times the retention capacity of similar-sized sand filters meaning that less interaction is needed, increasing profitability and reducing downtime.

Typical sand filters require significant volumes of water that is lost during backwashing.

XFM units are cleaned by air sparging for a short cycle and therefore only a small volume of water is sent to waste unlike other technologies where multiple volumes of water are used, and far more frequently.

XFM Media can be used in large installations with high flow rates to capture particles down to 20um with 100 per cent efficiency.

At a time when sustainability is now paramount and low-carbon solutions are always being sought where possible; XFM Filters will deliver exceptional performance whilst lowering the carbon balance.

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